Hello! My name is Meg Field and I am responsible for all the art pieces on this website.

My medium is acrylic paint on cotton canvas and I focus mainly on using solid colour, resulting in paintings that are bold and vivid.

I've covered a number of genres that reflect different aspects of my personality.

I find technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence utterly fascinating, terrifying and exciting. I indulge in day-dreaming about what life will be like in the future where becoming a multi-planetary species, having robot companions and super VR, could be a reality in my lifetime. This is why I have the need to paint on the subject - the future inspires me.

I'm a firm believer that we all need a bit of whimsy in our lives, especially to escape the drudgery that life sometimes brings. Painting sailboats in clouds, sea monsters and elves transports me away to the recesses of my imagination - warms the heart ^_^

I am an avid DOTA 2 gamer and I decided to pay the game homage by capturing some of the heroes in paint. Among those pieces, have been commissions from fellow DOTA 2 gamers, so it's a nice thought that I can contribute to the community this way.

Simply put, every pop art piece I've painted has been intrinsically linked to my life in some way or another. For instance, the Deadmau5 piece I painted because frankly I think he's a genius musician and I listen to his work ad nauseam.